Why I’m Not Forcing My Kids to Believe in God

“Quit forcing your kids to believe in God.” That was the feedback best-selling author Jason Wright received on one of his latest articles. Surprised and a bit hurt, Wright found many readers agreed.

But, his beautiful and faith-filled response shows that, no matter the cost, we should always teach our children the truths that matter most to us--the truths that can change their life for the better!

I’m sitting at my desk early one morning working away when an email arrives. Because of the specific address it’s sent to, I know before even opening it that it’s feedback on one my weekly columns.

What I don’t yet know is how long I’ll end up thinking about it.

It happens. I take heat from passionate readers on occasion; it’s part of the gig. Although my columns are rarely controversial, they often touch on faith, and anything I publish on religion tends to lure the opinionated to the pulpit.

I get it.

Lead image from Jason F. Wright.
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