Why Jesus Can Never Forget You

Our Savior loves each one of us. He remembers us and knows us vividly, and there's one thing that guarantees he can never forget us.

On October 7, 2014, I was playing in my high school soccer game against our school rival. It was sunny but it wasn’t hot because there was a breeze. My team and I were wearing our blue jerseys with our white shorts. While racing number 8 in her green and white striped jersey, I remember glancing up at the clock and seeing that the game was only 18 minutes in. After getting to the ball first, I turned and passed it to my midfielder with my left foot. With a late kick to the ball, she struck my right ankle and I fell to the ground in pain.

For eleven months the doctors said it was just a sprain and I continually went to physical therapy. Last September they realized that all of my ligaments had been ruptured so I immediately went in for surgery. Looking at my ankle now, I have a scar that is roughly three inches long.

I can clearly remember every detail about how and why I got this scar. Think about one of your scar stories, whether it be physical or emotional. What happened? What were you wearing? What was the weather like? You can probably remember most, if not all, of the details with no difficulty. You can’t forget. If you’re like me, you can barely remember what you did last week or what you ate for breakfast yesterday but somehow you can remember your scar story, no matter how long ago it occurred.

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