Why One LDS Couple Has Stood by Their Gay Son and Their Faith

"You continue on as a family and you just love each other, you just trust in God’s plan. You follow the Savior, who has shown us so perfectly how to love and be kind," Becky Mackintosh says.

Five years ago, Becky Mackintosh's son Xian sent her and her husband, Scott, a private Facebook message telling them he was gay.

At that time, Becky Mackintosh, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, saw others in similar situations pressured to choose either their child or their religion. Neither option sat well with her, and Mackintosh began the journey of learning how to love and be devoted to both.

"I would never change what we’ve experienced," Becky Mackintosh said, "because of what we have learned and what we have gained and the testimony and the love that has grown because of this experience."

Scott and Becky Mackintosh now share their experience at firesides, youth conferences and Relief Society gatherings. Most recently, they were featured in a video released by the LDS Church.

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