Why We Don't Belong to a "Cookie Cutter" Church

What beautiful thoughts from this post:

"The truth is that the membership of the Church is much more beautiful and diverse than any stereotype will ever allow."

"The only thing that His most faithful followers will have in common with each other in the end is a testimony and a commitment to live the gospel; that’s what makes you a Mormon, not the number of kids you have or where you call home."

You’ve tried to make good choices. You’ve followed the words of the prophets, read your scriptures, said your prayers. You’ve tried to align your will with the Lord’s as best as you could, and yet, as you look around, the lives others have been handed look nothing like the life you’re leading. How is that possible? How can one life look so different from another when both people strive to living the gospel and its principles? . . .

Too many of us feel like the odd member out, a forgotten child of God in a world of “cookie-cutter Mormons.” When we compare ourselves to others, we may feel disappointed—cheated, even—especially if we’ve been trying to live the standards we’ve been told will bring us happiness. But by making comparisons, we’re ignoring several crucial facts that can increase our understanding and ease our worries:

1. The Lord Needs Our Diversity

A good too many of us, members or not, tend to pair the word “Mormon” with a very specific stereotype. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall ever seeing a scripture or even reading a conference talk that states, “Thou shalt live in a very nice house with a spouse and five children and serve as bishop/relief society president until the day you’re surrounded by five-hundred grandchildren.” . . .
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