Why You Shouldn't Accept Yourself As You Are

I read a comment once that said something like this: the Church wants to change these people as if there was something wrong with them. God loves them and He made them that way, they do not need change. They need acceptance.

And I thought, yes, that is it. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is about change. It’s about becoming—becoming like God. When we think and do things that are contrary to the character of God, we sin. Jesus Christ came to redeem us from those sins. He came to change our hearts, our actions, and ultimately our minds.

Most of us would like to ask for allowances and give justification for our wrong doings. We will even go as far as to call justification love. We’ll say we love someone because we accept them for who they are. Christ does not accept us for who we are. He tells us to “go and sin no more”.  (John 8:11)

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