Young Men Lesson 21: The Role of the Quorum

by | May 20, 2011

Young Men

Discussion Questions:
  • What is the purpose of the quorum?
  • How can you strengthen brotherhood in our quorum?
  • How can our quorum be a good influence in our ward or branch?

Excerpt from "Revealed Quorum Principles" by Michael A. Neider:

I invite quorum presidencies to ask the following questions and seek other questions the Spirit will inspire: What does an Aaronic Priesthood quorum president do to preside over a quorum? What are his duties? What does he do as he sits in council with quorum members? How and when does he teach? What are the covenants referenced in the verses? And what do the quorum adviser and the bishopric member do as each assists the president in his duties and in his use of priesthood keys of presidency?

Brethren, as you study these verses and the handbooks, other questions will come into your hearts. For example: Does my quorum operate as described by the Lord in scripture? If not, why not? And what should I do to appropriately implement revealed quorum principles in my quorum? As a presidency prays for help and guidance, the Spirit, the bishopric, advisers, and the quorum will help and be sure to regularly use the inspired Church handbooks.

Many quorum presidents and other priesthood leaders throughout the world have discovered that more can be accomplished and expected from Aaronic Priesthood quorum presidencies and their quorums as they minister in the ward or branch. 7 More youth leadership can then be exerted by quorum presidencies, while advisers can spend more time in support and leadership training. 8 As we focus on quorum duties, the frequency of regular quorum presidency meetings usually increases for better preparation and leadership opportunity. Quorum leaders will find that individual Aaronic Priesthood quorums should meet separately after the general priesthood opening exercises for proper age-group instruction and increased quorum leadership opportunities. Any combining of quorums will be viewed as temporary.

Many tools have been given by the Lord and our Brethren to assist in the work of the Aaronic Priesthood quorum, including the mighty prayer of faith, fasting, scripture study, For the Strength of Youth, Duty to God, the quorum instruction manual, Preach My Gospel as a resource, varied activities, and Scouting. Scouting is used in the United States, Canada, and other places in the world where approved by priesthood leaders.

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