Young Men Lesson 4: Gathering Fast Offerings

by | Jan. 13, 2012

Young Men

Discussion Questions
• What can you do to properly represent Heavenly Father and the Savior as you gather fast offerings? (see 2 Corinthians 9:7).
• Why is it important to have a good attitude about gathering fast offerings?

Excerpt from "Stewardship - A Sacred Trust" Elder Quentin L. Cook, October 2009 General Conference:
We live in perilous times when many believe we are not accountable to God and that we do not have personal responsibility or stewardship for ourselves or others. Many in the world are focused on self-gratification, put themselves first, and love pleasure more than they love righteousness. They do not believe they are their brother’s keeper. In the Church, however, we believe that these stewardships are a sacred trust.

Recently a group of highly respected Jewish leaders and rabbis visited Church facilities in the Salt Lake Valley, including Welfare Square, the Humanitarian Center, the Family History Library, and the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple open house. At the conclusion of their visit, one of the most eminent rabbis in America expressed his feelings about what he had seen and felt. 1

He cited concepts from Jewish thinkers rooted in the Talmud 2 and pointed out that there are two very different reasons people engage in acts of kindness and generosity. Some people visit the sick, assist the poor, and serve their fellowmen because they believe it is the right thing to do and others will reciprocate and do the same for them when they are in need. He explained that while this is good, builds caring communities, and should be considered a noble reason, a higher motive is when we serve our fellowmen because that is what we believe God wants us to do.

He stated that as a result of his visit, he believed the Latter-day Saints undertake welfare and humanitarian efforts and the work of salvation in our temples in order to do what we believe God wants us to do.

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