A Dead Body at Our Reception + 13 Other Unbelievable Mormon Wedding Fiascoes

It seems that at every LDS wedding, something goes amiss—lost temple recommends, missing bridesmaid dresses, toppled cakes—we've seen it all. We asked our Facebookreaders to share some of their own wedding fiascoes, and their answers were just too great not to share!

1. I was left at the temple. My brand-new husband left me at the go to the luncheon. In his defense, he didn't know he was supposed to wait for me to finish getting dressed so we could go together! Apparently this was something we should have discussed beforehand. I hitched a ride over to our luncheon with my parents. It was awkward.  –DaNae Slade

2. Our sealing was perfect! It was the next evening at our ring ceremony where there was an issue. On the other side of the door of our stake building's cultural hall was a dead body. Yep, you read that right. There was a casket on the other side of one of the doors. –Lisa Dougherty Wilde

3. I met my in-laws three days before the wedding. We had freak tornadoes come through, which took out all the power in our area. We had to call relatives to find places to get ready for the wedding, we almost forgot the wedding bands, we drove to Logan, Utah, for the wedding, then back to Blackfoot, Idaho, for a reception that we weren't even sure we could have because we didn't know if there was power, then back to Salt Lake City to catch a flight to Florida. We had to travel in a blizzard, and we missed our first flight. Then we got to Florida and I got sick. We ended up in the emergency room after one day at Epcot. –Tara Thomas Gates

 4. We arrived at the Salt Lake Temple on our wedding day to check in for our sealing at the recommend desk. I handed my recommend to the brother at the front desk, and then we went in to talk to the recorder. We had to come back out to the lobby for a bag, and then the next thing I knew, my recommend was somehow lost. The brother at the front desk never gave it back to me and it just disappeared. Still have no clue what on earth happened to it! The brother at the recommend desk said we couldn't go back in because I didn't have my recommend. After a while, I was in tears on my wedding day because I thought we weren't going to be able to get married. After an hour of waiting, figuring things out, and calling our stake president to get the go ahead, we finally entered the beautiful sealing room. Our sealing was supposed to start at 1:00 pm but we didn't start until about 2:15 and then didn't come out as husband and wife until 3:45. We sure made everyone wait a long time for us. –Ashley Julian McFarlane

5. On the morning of our wedding, my car wouldn't start! My hubby, fiancé at the time, was able to use his dad's truck to jump it. We drove about a block or two and it died again! I was trying not to freak out! So we called his dad, and we were able to take his truck to get to the temple on time. That afternoon a family friend and car mechanic replaced the battery free of charge. It was his family's wedding gift to us. –Jen Biggs

6. The night before my brother’s wedding, I suddenly got sick and was throwing up all night. I managed to get to the sealing room but had to get up and leave right before the most important part because I was going to pass out. I got two steps out of the room and fell flat on my face. The poor temple workers helped me to an empty sealing room, and I woke up with my brother and his new bride above me wondering if I was okay. I felt so bad! Temple workers brought me some juice and crackers, and my husband wheeled me out in a wheelchair. Most embarrassing thing ever! -Amber Burton Luce

7. The first time I heard my husband curse was at our wedding reception...after our brothers and brothers-in-law decided to fill his car completely full to the roof with packing peanuts. They basically opened up the moon roof and just dumped bags and bags. Not the exit you want to make from your reception...trying to clean the packing peanuts out so you can drive. Let's just say there was quite a mess in the church parking lot when we left. I think everyone but us was dying of laughter. –Kelsey Drury Kim

8. As we took pictures, my 80-year-old grandma got lost for 30 minutes and we all had to look for her. –Emilie Larsen

9. Everything was perfect except for the fact it was extremely hot. I actually almost passed out and had to lie on the grass outside the temple when we were taking photos. My husband had to help hold me up so I wouldn't pass out. Quite the adventure on your wedding day! –Kelsie Bennett

10. We didn’t realize our "resort" was a dude ranch in the middle of nowhere, many hours down a dirt road! We had booked a little cabin which included no blinds, cows looking in the window, and a twin bed with no AC in the middle of the summer in Arizona... We had a redo cruise for our first anniversary! –Kerstie Jo Cowley

11. We got record-breaking rain the night before our outdoor reception! My dad had to rent a pump to get all of the water out of our flooded backyard! –Meghan McGuire Mitchell

12. I was staying at a hotel the night before when I realized I forgot to pack church clothes to wear to the temple the morning of the sealing. So I hurriedly bought a black maxi skirt from Target not realizing until 30 minutes before I had to be at temple that it was SEE THROUGH!! I ended up having to wear my jeggings underneath. I also didn't have a nice top, so I ended up wearing my San Diego Chargers sparkly hoodie with jeggings and a maxi skirt to my sealing! Not to mention I only had my wedding shoes, which were purple! Oh brother! –Jessie Shoemaker

13. My wedding cake was literally held together with duct tape and super glue. Here’s why: Our cake was made by my husband's cousin. She had to make our cake almost a month prior to my wedding because she would not be in town. It was put in the freezer with all the plastic pillars and cake stands. We were married in St. George, and our reception was in Las Vegas. It was the middle of August and 119 degrees. Because of the cake coming out of the subzero cold to the extreme heat, the plastic cake parts did not like that. So, when they set it on the table, some of the plastic pieces started breaking. So duct tape and super glue did the trick! –Lisa Taylor Sowards

14. My ex-fiancé showed up and wanted to see me to try and talk me out of getting married. My dad chased him off. -Rebecca Ward Doty

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