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A month after saving his sister from a charging dog, this viral 6-year-old calls for heroes in touching video


Last month, millions of hearts were touched when 6-year-old Bridger Walker shielded his little sister from a charging dog at high cost to himself. His act of bravery caught the attention of major news outlets and several celebrities, who sent him messages and get well gifts. Many Latter-day Saints were pleasantly surprised to learn than Bridger and his family are members of the Church.

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Soon after the accident, Bridger’s family used their newfound platform to share a message of love and encourage people to “comfort those that need comfort.” And now, Bridger has another invitation for the world: #TheBridgerChallenge. 

“I challenge you on the first weekend in September to do something heroic for someone else. Find the heroes in the community or be a hero yourself,” Bridger says in video shared on social media. — AuntieCole (@Nicole00238107) August 12, 2020

Some of Bridger’s ideas for being a hero include cleaning your little sister’s room, donating blood, or forgiving someone who has hurt your feelings.

“We can make the world a little better one heroic deed at a time.”

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