Latter-day Saint Life

A Video About Early Returned Missionaries Every Member Needs to See & Understand


Mormon culture can often put pressure on missionaries and members to fit typical timelines--but following a typical pattern is not how life works. We are all unique, and we are all loved by our Heavenly Father because of that.

This video is a powerful reminder that all of us can return home to our Heavenly Father with honor, even though we all take different life paths to get there. Of course we know we must follow the "straight and narrow" course of the gospel, but our unique experiences will ensure that our life and memories and trials are unlike anyone else's.

And how blessed we are that we do not have to walk this path alone--for Christ in His perfect empathy understands our struggles and pains, and even shares our joys.

Return with Honor from Spy Hop Productions on Vimeo.

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