Actors Paul Rudd and Eric Stonestreet hype up Giving Machines in Kansas City

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Every year when they are installed, the Light the World Giving Machines are hard to miss. They’re huge, bright red vending machines set up in very public spaces, often with long lines and crowds of people gathered around waiting to take photos or make their donation. And with all that noise, it’s easy to see why they catch the attention of news media and celebrities. last year, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons unveiled a machine in Las Vegas, and Drew Barrymore praised the NYC machines on her talk show.

And this year is no exception. Specifically, the machines in Kansas City, Missouri, are making a big splash. So far, actor Paul Rudd, actor Eric Stonestreet, and NFL tight end Travis Kelce, and Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid have all shared videos voicing their support for the Giving Machines and encouraging fans and other Kansas City natives to get involved and donate.

In a sweet video filmed with his wife and grandkids, Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid explains how much he and his family love Christmas in Kansas City and have started new holiday traditions, including the Giving Machines. “Imagine going to a vending machine and being able to purchase food, clothing, supplies, or medicine for people right here in our Kansas City community. … I think it’s so great that we can teach our grandchildren that it is so much better to give to others than to receive.”

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In his video, actor Paul Rudd, who grew up near Kansas City, shared, “You can buy cool items, and it helps support charities—Children’s Mercy Hospital [in Kansas City] being one of them—but places all over the world. They’re big and they’re red! We all love big and red in Kansas City—Looking at you, Andy Reid.”

Actor Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family fame who is also a Kansas City native said in his video that donating to the Giving Machines is a great way to be on Santa’s nice list this year. “Go down, make a donation, [and let’s] prove that Kansas City is the greatest city in the world!”

Tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Travis Kelce also shared a video promoting the Giving Machines and encouraging NFL fans to donate as well. “[It’s] a fun way that we all can give back. … Take the family down and make a donation. Make someone else’s Christmas or holidays that much better.”

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