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After an Operation, I Had to Spend 7 Days with My Head Facedown. Here's What It Taught Me About the Savior


This is a whole different way of thinking about how we can avoid becoming a "stiff-necked people."

A few weeks ago, I had a little operation on my eye, one portion of which involved injecting a gas bubble that would push against the back of the eye to hold things in place to heal. The procedure itself was no big deal, but for the first week of the recovery process, I had to be facedown the whole time to keep that bubble in the right position. 

Facedown. For seven days. 

I could get out of bed to take care of personal needs, eat, shower, even sit in a chair, but I had to keep my face parallel to the floor throughout all those activities.

That actually WAS a pretty big deal. 

The doctor had prescribed some pain medication, but the nurse whispered to me, “You probably won’t need that for your eye. It’ll be more for your back and neck.” I laughed it off, but she was right: it is exhausting and painful to live hunched over all the time. I’m sure I looked like the world’s most depressed woman—and I kind of felt like that too.

Lead image from Time Out for Women
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