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After Attempted Suicide & Homelessness, RM Shares How He Discovered "Everyone Is Worthy of Love"


Ray Kahn used to measure success by a person’s status. However, after experiencing life-altering events, the returned missionary realized that true worth is not just what you have in a bank account.

“I thought status is what makes someone successful, so when everything happened and we lost everything, I felt like I was worthless. . . . I think we convinced ourselves that we were doing great business and making great money and how these things define me as a great person,” Kahn explains in a new Stiry video.

After starting a couple of different businesses with some friends in day trading and real estate, Kahn experienced success at first. However, when the economy took a negative turn, Kahn lost it all and found himself in debt.

“I really felt like I lost it all. I just kind of kept sinking deeper and deeper into that train of thought and that way of belief and truly feeling like I was worthless,” Kahn said. He even reached a point where he attempted suicide.

His previous mission companion, Dan Davis, was the first one he called after his hospitalization. “We had a long chat about life and getting back on track with the gospel and finding work,” Dan said. “I gave him my tablet so he could look for a job along with a pair of basketball shoes and gym clothes and told him he was going to come to the church with me every week and play basketball. He started coming to play basketball, getting back involved with the Church, and found a job.”

Following a multitude of other setbacks, including a week of homelessness, Kahn found something to help him move forward—fitness. Now working as a personal trainer, Kahn has learned to value himself as a person and no longer sees success or worth as how much is in a bank account. His job also includes helping others recognize their own value.

Visiting places from his past, including exact places he stayed when he was homeless, Kahn openly shares his story to help others who may not feel worthy or valued.

“Find something that you’re passionate about, and then put it to good use,” he said.

Watch Ray Kahn’s inspiring video from Stiry.

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