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After Seeing Her Abandoned Niece on the News, LDS Woman Takes Her in as Her Own (Video)


When Shermeka saw her niece's face on the news, she couldn't believe it. This little girl, who suffered from severe medical challenges, was suddenly living with strangers unable to tell them about her family.

That's when Shermeka decided she would take in Tiana as her own, despite the challenges of suddenly becoming a single parent.

At first, Shermeka decided to take on the responsibility all by herself. But she quickly realized: "No, I am never alone. Physically, I’m never alone because I have my roommate, I have my friends, and I have my ward family. Spiritually, I’m never alone because I have my Heavenly Father and I have my Savior." 

Learn more about Shermeka's incredible journey in this beautiful video by the Mormon Channel:

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