Greg Olsen: Painting the Spirit of Christmas

Wed Dec 06 05:00:39 EST 2023
Episode 254

There is a man whose love inspires people during this time of year. Some might say it’s a man with a white beard who delivers Christmas presents to children around the world on a sleigh pulled by reindeer. But renowned Latter-day Saint painter Greg Olsen believes it is actually the Savior of the world who inspires Santa Claus himself. On this week’s episode, we talk with the artist about how he began painting in the first place but then why he chose to paint Santa Claus in addition to his many well-known paintings of Jesus Christ.

Done in the right way, seen from the right perspective, Santa—that tradition—does carry on the mission of Jesus. Doing unto others, giving, serving, spreading love and cheer…it’s hard to separate those two.
Greg Olsen

Show Notes

2:09- It Takes a Village To Raise an Artist
5:24- A Prophetic Statement
20:37- A Branch Full of Good Things
23:10- Reaching Outside of the Latter-day Saint World
28:57- Santa and the Savior
32:49- We Follow What Is Good
37:13- Lost and Found
42:02- Everyone’s an Artist
45:54- What Does It Mean to Be All In the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Paintings referenced in this episode:
The Spirit of Christmas
Story of Christmas
The Nativity
Lost and Found


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