Natalie Hill Jensen: The Temple—An Answer To Prayers

Wed Jan 24 11:11:12 EST 2024
Episode 258

Natalie Hill Jensen was a single adult when she attended her sister’s wedding. There, the sealer who is also an apostle of God told her that heaven would help her as she searched for someone to marry. That heavenly help did come as promised and it eventually included finding her husband but first, it came in the form of an invitation issued in a talk by Sister Wendy Watson Nelson, wife of our prophet, President Russell M. Nelson. On this week’s episode, Natalie shares how accepting that invitation continues to bless her life.

I’ve had peace when I should’ve never had peace. I’ve had my personality enhanced to make new friends. I feel like every blessing I have in this new phase of my life has been a direct blessing of weekly temple attendance.
Natalie Hill Jensen

Show Notes

4:03- Raising Girls
11:05- On Broadway
15:36- Knowing Who You Are
17:25- Temple Garments
22:47- Going All In
29:49- Blessings of the Temple
36:46- “A Great Story in 5 Years”
40:49- Deliberately Creating a Home
43:30- What Does It Mean To Be All In?

Sister Wendy Watson Nelson “My Soul Delighteth in the Covenants of the Lord
Video of Sister Nelson’s Talk - "My Soul Delighteth in the Covenants of the Lord" by Wendy W. Nelson | BYU Women's Conference, 2015


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