Sy Snarr: What Makes Forgiveness Possible

Wed Oct 04 05:00:16 EDT 2023
Episode 245

Sy Snarr’s son, Zachary Snarr, was a senior in high school when he was shot and killed by a complete stranger. After 17 years in prison, Jorge Benvenuto, the man who killed Zachary, wrote a letter to tell the Snarr family that he was sorry for taking their 18-year-old son and brother’s life. What happened next captivated listeners of KSL’s “The Letter” podcast and, on this week’s episode of “All In,” we explore the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that is woven throughout the Snarr family's remarkable example of forgiveness.

My soul was tortured, it was broken with this anguish I carried…and the way you [forgive] is you fight back, you turn to God, you turn to the Savior, you pray a lot and let Them guide you.
Sy Snarr

Show Notes

2:34- Before
3:57- Regret
7:15- The Bind of Bitterness
12:45- Who Hate Hurts
15:47- You Have To Want It
18:12- The Sacrament Talk That Changed Everything
20:38- Losing a Second Son
23:29- The Very Real Pain of Loss
25:51- Jorge
32:21- Since the Letter
36:34- Atonement For All
40:34- A Spiritual Experience
43:50- What Does It Mean To Be All in?

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