Amazon and Sony Announce Release of Filtered, Edited Movies to Provide Family-Friendly Content


Thanks to Meridian Magazine for making us aware of these changes.

For members of the Church, finding family-friendly movies to enjoy can often be a challenge. Many of us strive to follow President Ezra Taft Benson's counsel to the youth of the Chuch in 1986 to "Watch those shows and entertainment that lift the spirit and promote clean thoughts and actions." Indeed, even in the content we watch online and on our televisions, we strive to follow the 13th article of faith and seek after those things that are virtuous and uplifting.

Recently, Amazon and Sony announced new solutions to help people view more family-friendly content.

ClearPlay CEO Matt Jarman recently announced that Amazon customers will be able to stream certain movie rentals or purchases using filters that will allow users to edit out violence, language, sexual content, nudity, and substance abuse.

ClearPlay already works to stream edited content through Google Play, except for new releases, and hopes to develop partnerships with other content providers in the future,according to the Deseret News. You can check it out on Amazon here.

In addition, Sony announced that it will allow families to view "clean versions"—the films that have been edited for broadcasts or airplane viewing—when they digitally download some of its films, according to A.V. Club. Though families won't be able to control the content being filtered, they can choose to view the original film or the edited film.

With major movie makers and distributors like Sony, Amazon, and Google Play working to provide customers with more family-friendly content, it's hopeful that many other companies might follow suit.

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