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"Angels from Across the Veil Are with Us," "Watch for the Miracles" Sister Joy Jones Says in Devotional


"I want you to know there are angels from across the veil that are with us as well," Sister Jones said. "I have a feeling there are a lot of family members and friends of yours that are very, very aware of what you're doing, the sacrifice you're making to create this wonderful, faith-promoting experience."

Miracles, angels and temples served as prevailing themes of devotional messages from Primary general president Sister Joy D. Jones, who recalled a word of advice from her predecessor.

"Joy, always watch for the miracles," said Sister Jones as she remembered former Primary general president Sister Rosemary M. Wixom.

"And I've never forgotten that," Sister Jones said, speaking at the first of two devotionals June 20 and 21 while in Manti, Utah. "I hope that as you're having these amazing experiences that may be sometimes a bit challenging, and you may get a bit tired, and you may be a little bit stretched to the limit ... that you are watching for the miracles."

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