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April 2013 Sharing Time: Gospel Now and Then


Preparation: Make separate word strips for each scripture reference (see below). Gather the pictures needed from lds.org, the Gospel Art Kit, or Gospel Art Book (see below). Post the pictures from the time of Christ down the left side of the board. Post the modern pictures down the right side of the board (mix up the order). Place the scripture reference word strips in random order down the center.

Presentation: Explain to the children that after Christ and the apostles all died, Christ’s church was no longer on the earth. Many of Jesus’s teachings were changed or lost. Thousands of years later, at the time of Joseph Smith, Christ and other messengers restored the gospel. Now we have all the truths again.

Point out the pictures and scripture references on the board. Tell the children that they need to help decide which pictures go with each scripture. Have a child come up and choose one of the scripture references. Help them look the scripture up and read it aloud. Explain the scripture as needed so the children understand the principle it is teaching. Have them decide which picture from the time of Christ and which picture in modern times go with the scripture. Draw lines on the board linking the scripture with the correct picture on each side. Repeat for each scripture reference.

Scripture word strip: Luke 6:13.
Pictures: Christ Ordaining the Apostles, Latter-day Prophets
Gospel truth: Christ appointed apostles to teach and help people live the gospel. We also have apostles who teach us how to return to Heavenly Father.

Scripture word strip: Mark 1:4.
Pictures: John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus Christ, Modern Baptism
Gospel truth: Jesus Christ was baptized. When we are eight years old, we can be baptized too.

Scripture word strip: Exodus 40:15.
Pictures: Jesus Healing the Blind, Administering to the Sick
Gospel truth: The priesthood is the power and authority of God. Christ used the priesthood to bless people while he lived on Earth. God gives priesthood authority to worthy male members today so they can act in His name.

Scripture word strip: John 8:2.
Pictures: Temple Used Anciently, Modern Temple
Gospel truth: The temple was a place for worship and learning in Christ’s day. We have temples now for worship and learning.

Scripture word strip: Matthew 26:26–28.
Pictures: The Last Supper, Blessing the Sacrament
Gospel truth: Christ blessed and gave his disciples bread and water, to help them remember Him. We partake of bread and water each week to remember Jesus Christ.

Help the children understand that the gospel Christ taught is again on the earth today. Bear testimony that these truths are essential to Heavenly Father’s plan for us.

Sing songs to reinforce the concepts taught such as “The Priesthood is Restored” (Children’s Songbook, p. 89), “Baptism” (CS, 100), “I Love to See the Holy Temple” (CS, 95), and “To Think about Jesus” (CS, 71).

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