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Art depicting Gethsemane + 7 other pieces about the Savior

God promises that if we always remember His Son, Jesus Christ, we will have His Spirit to be with us. Here are 10 pieces of art to remind us of the Savior—His teachings, His atonement, and the hope for a new life He offers all of us.

Gethsemane (12x14 Framed Size)

The color and lines used in this image point to the importance of the ultimate act of selfless love. Gethsemane by Jorge Cocco is a beautiful depiction of the night Christ prayed in the garden before He ultimately sacrificed Himself for the world and all of mankind.

The Angel of Gethsemane (39x24 Framed Art)

The example of Christ being sustained at Gethsemane shows that we are never forgotten in our moments of need.

Atonement (30x22 Framed Size)

Atonement represents that powerful and loving event when the Lord took on all obstacles in our path. Through her art, Kate Lee shares not only her love for the Savior, but His love for us all.

It Is Finished (12x14 Framed Art)

This piece represents the Savior leaving His body as He departs this life. Having descended below all things and suffered for our transgressions, He would soon ascend to His Father to once again sit on His throne in glory.

The Hand of God (24x36 Triptych, size of combined pieces)

This image depicts Christ reaching down into the water as if offering his hand to save, lift, and comfort. It evokes thoughts of the story of Christ ushering Peter to walk on the water and then being there to save him when he faltered.

Oh My Savior (24x30 Framed Art)

This piece features a woman kneeling before the Savior as He greets her with an outstretched hand.

Abide With Me (16x19.5 Framed Art)

Artist, Simon Dewey, said of this piece, “My intention was to create an expression of His softness, forgiveness, and understanding; for He knows us and seeks after us that we may find rest and peace in Him.”

Victorious (20x15 Framed Art)

Jesus facing inside of tomb after being resurrected

He Is Risen Tomb Sculpture

He Is Risen is a unique bronze resin sculpture that provides a visual reminder of the assurance we have through Jesus Christ that this life is not the end. It is a meaningful gift and a beautiful addition to any home.

Reborn (21x31 Framed Art)

Jesus’ hand touches a dead tree branch where leaves are blossoming.

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