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BBC: How Mormons Find Eternal Love in India


Recently, BBC featured Mormons in India and the struggles they face finding love in a country with only 12,700 Latter-day Saints, not to mention the difficulties the Church faces when it comes to missionary work in a country wary of Christian missionary activity.

Situated over 22 acres, the complex resembles a gated community that wouldn't be out of place in Florida.

While the resort typically plays host to corporate functions, weddings, and the odd family holiday, recently it entertained an altogether different type of crowd.

Over the course of a weekend, 400 Mormons from all over India gathered to participate in their Church's All India Young Single Adults (YSA) Conference.

To the uninitiated, the event appears to be a series of workshops centered around this year's rather loosely termed theme, Decisions Determine Destiny.

A quick chat with the event's participants makes things a bit clearer.

"It's no secret that we all come here to find spouses," says Venella, 18.

Lead image from BBC
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