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‘The Book of Mormon’ musical audience in England greeted by real missionaries after the show

Missionaries outside the Theatre Royal in Norwich

The Book of Mormon musical may have debuted over ten years ago, but a recent run of the show in Norwich, England, still drew enough people to sell out the theater. And six missionaries were ready to greet the audience after the show with pamphlets and copies of the Book of Mormon.

What is it like trying to share the gospel with people right after they’ve watched The Book of Mormon musical? A local news article about the missionaries gives us a glimpse. A writer from Norwich Evening News noticed the missionaries outside the theater and took a moment to speak with them, later publishing an article sharing that the missionaries’ “main purpose is to help people find Jesus Christ.”

“Most people actually think we’re part of the show or a member of the cast—we certainly look the part,” Elder Michael Randall told Norwich Evening News. “For the most part people are really nice. Some are curious and come up to ask questions, which has allowed us to hand out a few of the actual books.”

Steve Carruthers, a Latter-day Saint from Eaton, England, said,“Everyone is in good spirits after the show—we even have some posters advertising ourselves—saying ‘You've seen the show, now read the book’ and ‘The book is always better,’ which have gone down well. … It has given us a chance to share our pamphlets about what the actual Book of Mormon is all about,” he said.

Elder Randall added that it was “really fun” to be out talking with people after the show.

“We haven't had any negative comments thrown towards us,” he said.

Read more about the missionaries’ experience at Norwich Evening News.

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