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Brutally Honest Videos: Lindsey Stirling on Overcoming Depression & Rejection


Recently, Glamour magazine featured Lindsey Stirling, and she shared some deeply personal experiences about overcoming depression and her initial rejection as an artist. Check out these brutally honest videos that share her struggles and how she was able to ultimately overcome them to become the highest-earning female YouTube star.

"Loving yourself is the most important battle you will have to face," Lindsey Stirling shares. "I still do things on a daily basis to make sure my mind is in the state where I want it to be. And I think we have to find out what makes us happy and what we have to do to be that person we want to be."

Lindsey Stirling on Overcoming Depression Lindsey Stirling bravely opens up about her struggles with depression. Watch more: http://glmr.co/IPKoU0W Posted by Glamour on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

For more from Lindsey Stirling, check out her fabulous albums, "Shatter Me" and "Lindsey Stirling--Deluxe Edtion."

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