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BYU Jerusalem Center ready to welcome students back this spring

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In another welcome return to normalcy, the BYU Jerusalem Center has announced that it is reopening its doors and the Spring/Summer 2022 program will move forward as planned. This will be the first BYU Jerusalem Center program in over two years when students and staff were first sent home as Israel closed its borders in March 2020.

“This is a great thing for us,” Jim Kearl, assistant to the BYU president for the Jerusalem Center, told Church News. “This is a terrific program. Students are influenced in lots of good ways. We’re very happy that things are opening up and we’re going to be able to take students again and make use of a large, spectacular building that is designed to provide the atmosphere in which they can have a unique experience. It’s sad to see that building sit empty for almost two years.”

The news comes as Israel announced its high vaccination percentage, reopening of airports and borders, and decline in COVID hospitalization and death rates.

Students will follow strict procedures to minimize health risks and also be prepared for COVID-related challenges that might arise during the program. Some of the procedures outlined include:

  • COVID-19 vaccinations required.
  • KN-95 or equivalent masks required at the airport, during flights, and as requested by the Jerusalem Center administration. 
  • No foreign travel to or from the US within two weeks prior to departure.
  • Isolate as much as possible at least two weeks prior to departure to minimize the risk of COVID exposure.

The first orientation for students going to the BYU Jerusalem Center is scheduled for late April, Kearl told Church News.

You can read more about the announcement and reopening on Church News.

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