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Can you guess which countries have the highest percentage of Latter-day Saints?

The United States ranks 17th, with just 2.1% of its residents identifying as Latter-day Saints

According to the Church’s most recent statistics, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints make up more than 1% of the population in 35 nations worldwide.

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The top 10 on the list are all island nations found in the Pacific. The next 25 nations include 16 Spanish-speaking countries from South America and eight nations in Oceania. The United States ranks no. 17 on the list, with 2.1% of its population being members of the Church.

Here’s the list of the 35 nations or territories and their population percentage of Latter-day Saints, as identified by Church News.

1. Tonga
2. Samoa
3. American Samoa
4. Kiribati
5. Marshall Islands
6. French Polynesia
7. Niue
8. Micronesia
9. Cook Islands
10. Vanuatu
11. Chile
12. Uruguay
13. Palau
14. Tuvalu
15. Fiji
16. New Zealand
17. United States
18. El Salvador
19. Virgin Islands
20. Peru
21. Honduras
22. Bolivia
23. Guatemala
24. Nicaragua
25. Guam
26. Northern Mariana Islands
27. Ecuador
28. Belize
29. Panama
30. Paraguay
31. Dominican Republic
32. Mexico
33. Argentina
34. Costa Rica
35. Nauru

See more details and a full chart of these statistics on Church News.

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