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Can you guess which four countries have the most Latter-day Saints?

Since 1996, more Latter-day Saints have lived outside the United States than in it. But where exactly do those members live? A new graphic released by Church News helps put the breakdown of Church membership into perspective.

Church membership by continent, area or nation. Graphic by Aaron Thorup, courtesy of the Church News
Deseret News Publishing Company

The data from the chart above comes from the Church’s 2019 statistics.

North America accounts for more than half the Latter-day Saint population worldwide, and South America holds roughly another quarter.

Countries with the most Church members include:

  • United States: 40.6%
  • Mexico: 8.9%
  • Brazil: 8.6%
  • Philippines: 4.9%

Other interesting worldwide statistics from Newsroom include the following:

  • Total Church membership: 16,565,036
  • Number of congregations: 30,940
  • Number of missionaries: 54,000
  • Number of missions: 399
  • Countries that have received humanitarian aid from the Church since 1985: 142
  • Number of Family History Centers: 5198
  • Countries with Family History Centers: 145

You can find more detailed breakdowns of these numbers here.

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