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Can you identify the women in these 30 photos? The Church History Library wants your help


The Church History Library has thousands of photographic collections, many of which are of identified individuals. But there also many people in these photos who haven’t been identified, leaving the Church archivists stumped. So they’re asking for your help.

Church History Library archivist Jennifer Barkdull recently shared two posts comprised of 30 photos on the Church’s website of unidentified women, asking readers if they recognize any of them. If they can identify the woman (or women), give a source, and provide other necessary details, the Church History Library wants to know.

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The photos shared thus far are from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s, and some have intriguing clues as to who might be pictured. For instance, one photo is from Joseph F. Smith’s personal photographs, another is a montage from George Albert Smith’s personal photographs, and another shows unidentified sister missionaries in the British Mission. Already, Barkdull said they have received suggestions for the women’s identities which are now being fully vetted.

Want to take a look? Browse through the photos on and see if you can identify who’s who. Not to worry if you don’t recognize anyone—the Church History Library is considering making photograph identification a regular series and is curious to know who would be interested. Readers who would like to see more of these posts are invited to email the Church History Library at

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