Catherine Christensen

May 01, 2018 04:00 PM MDT
We’ve all heard countless lessons, talks, and conference addresses on the importance of the Holy Ghost in our lives, and we can easily reel off a list of the amazing ways He can bless us. But there are aspects of the Holy Ghost that are commonly overlooked or forgotten, and it is important to understand all the resources and gifts available to us through Him so that we can go through life obtaining the most peace and happiness possible.
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October 06, 2016 09:00 AM MDT
In one of our most beloved passages of scripture, Christ visits the Nephites and takes the time to gather all the children around him to teach them, pray for them, and bless them one by one. The more I’ve studied this beautiful story, the more I’ve realized that this is not just an uplifting, feel-good story. It is a powerful teaching moment from the Savior that shows how He hopes we will treat His beloved little ones. Here are three things I have learned about parenting from Christ’s example with the Nephite children:
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