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"CBS News" Shares How an LDS Man Helped Reunite Son of Fallen Solider with His Dad's Car—15 Years After His Death


Kyle Fox, a member of the LDS Church, helped make 15-year-old Justin Rozier's dream come true when he helped find a car that belonged to Justin's father, a fallen U.S. soldier. 

Even in Texas, a horse only gets you so far, which is why 15-year-old Justin Rozier has been thinking lately about a car. Specifically, he told his mom, Jessica, he would love to have a car—any car—that his dad once owned. 

"I mean, it could have been a 1974 Dodge Astro—I don't even know if that's a car—but it could have been anything and he would have said, 'Yes,'" Jessica said. 

Why? "I know that he wishes his dad was here," Jessica answered. 

Lead image from CBS News
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