CES Schools Announce No Large Gatherings Will Be Held Until Further Notice Due To COVID-19


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The Church Educational System (CES) has students around the world and higher education campuses in three states. CES is deeply interested in the health, education and spiritual growth of each of these students and those who serve them. Concerns related to COVID-19 have impacted every part of society, including education. After careful consideration of the present circumstances, the leadership of CES has adopted temporary guidelines which will be effective March 16, 2020. (Also see the latest information about how COVID-19 is impacting Latter-day Saints around the world.)

The following applies to CES institutions of higher education:

Large Gatherings

There will be no gathering for large events such as commencements, convocations, devotionals, conferences, public lectures, performances and concerts. These events may be canceled, streamed, or recorded and posted for on-demand use, as determined by leadership at each institution. Brigham Young University will make decisions regarding athletic events.

Classes and Small Gatherings

Courses will continue, though faculty are encouraged to be flexible and consider remote alternatives when providing instruction. Each institution is asked to consider local circumstances and guidelines from public health and government agencies and comply with those directions.

BYU–Pathway Worldwide

Gatherings will follow the guidelines provided by the Area Presidency and employ virtual gathering where necessary.

The following applies to institutions within Seminaries and Institutes of Religion:

Seminaries and Institutes

Daily seminary and stake institute programs will follow the gathering decisions of local congregations. Release-time seminary and campus institutes will follow the gathering decisions of the local high schools or college campuses. When classes need to be canceled, seminary and institute classes may consider remote delivery options. Gatherings for local devotionals and graduations will follow the guidelines provided by the Area Presidency.

Church Primary and Secondary Schools

These schools will follow the guidelines provided by the Area Presidency for local gatherings.

The Church will continue to monitor these evolving circumstances and make adjustments as necessary.

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