Check out these vintage Halloween costumes featured on FamilySearch

In October we celebrate National Family History Month and one of the best holidays for dressing up: Halloween. In a clever nod to both celebrations, FamilySearch shared an article with some of the most creative and fun vintage Halloween costumes your parents or grandparents may have worn as children. Here are some of our favorite photos featured.

Women dressed up as witches in the 1910s.
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A couple dressed as Walt Disney‘s Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters from the 1970s.
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A young baseball player and a tin soldier from 1970.
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A toddler dressed as a clown in 1930.
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A man in a pirate costume from 1982.
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A young lady from the 1920s impersonating “Night” in an award-winning costume.
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A couple from the 1900s dressed in elaborate Colonial attire from the 1700s.
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