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Church Announces 111 New Mission Presidents for 2018


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced 111 new mission president assignments, effective July 2018. Here is a list of these new mission president assignments for 2018. Click here for the full list.

The First Presidency has called 111 new mission presidents, effective July 2018. They will serve three years.

The names of the new mission presidents and their companions are listed by area below. Biographies of each mission presidency couple will be published throughout 2018 on

Mormon Newsroom reports today that in an effort to better fit the needs of each region of the world, the Church will adjust the number of its missions from 421 to 407, realigning the boundaries for 19 missions, as well as creating five new missions, on July 1, 2018.

Africa Southeast Area

Democratic Republic of the Congo KinshasaFrancois MukubuMireille Mukubu
Madagascar AntananarivoCory L. DuckworthElva M. Duckworth
Zimbabwe BulawayoJimmy Carter OkotLindiwe Amanda Okot
Zimbabwe HarareTasara MakasiShamiso Makasi

Africa West Area

Cote d'Ivoire YamoussoukroKirk D. ShermanJacqueline D. Sherman
Ghana KumasiStephen C. WebsterW. Rosely Webster
Nigeria CalabarEmmanuel A. NelsonAdiza Nelson
Nigeria IbadanPatrick Appianti-SarpongElizabeth Appianti-Sarpong

Asia Area

Cambodia Phnom PenhJohn W. LewisLaCinda Lewis
China Hong KongDennis L. PhillipsMay Phillips
India New DelhiBradley R. HansenDanna L. Hansen
SingaporeGreg P. MackaySheila Mackay
Taiwan TaichungBradley W. CardCynthia J. Card
Taiwan TaipeiMichael L. PetersonShelley P. Peterson
Thailand BangkokTodd Melvin HammondNoelle Green Hammond
Vietnam HanoiRoss A. ChilesCarrie A. Chiles
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