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Church Announces 30 New Stake Presidents in April


From Idaho to the Philippines and Samoa to Washington, the Church has announced 30 new stake presidents in April. 

AMMON IDAHO FOOTHILLS STAKE (February 18, 2018): President—Von D. Crofts, 51, general manager, Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center; succeeding Michael C. Biddulph; wife, Jennifer L. V. Crofts. Counselors—Cary J. Hansen, 52, president, Conrad and Bischoff; wife, LeAnn B. Hansen. Marcus E. Murphy, 54, anesthesiologist; wife, Janiece L. S. Murphy.

APIA SAMOA STAKE (February 18, 2018): President—Denny Faalogo, 48, senior accountant, LDS Church; succeeding Ulisone Tuia; wife, Alexandra Sonau. Counselors—Jerome Vaoliko, 42, office clerk, Yazaki Samoa; wife, Vania Vaoliko. Spencer Taufu, 43, senior sport officer, MESC; wife, Agnes Hunt.

BACOLOD PHILIPPINES STAKE (February 25, 2018): President—Rossen Bon Chiong Escobar, 53, division manager, Avon Cosmetics, Inc.; succeeding Benjamin S. Candari; wife, Imelda Socorro Karina I. F. Escobar. Counselors—Rollin Estampa Pioquinto Sr., 47, safety officer, Focus Direct Inc.; wife, Ma Sowrro B. L. Pioquinto. Alvin A. Dy, 52, sales associate, United Laboratories Inc.; wife, Erlyn L. W. Dy.

BELLEVUE WASHINGTON STAKE (February 11, 2018): President—Jared M. Spataro, 43, general manager, Microsoft; succeeding Greg P. Mackay; wife, Kimberly A. K. Spataro. Counselors—Mark W. Nelson, 48, orthodontist; wife, Teri L. H. Nelson. Robert E. Tanner, 58, dentist; wife, Diane F. Tanner.

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