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Church announces adjustments for temple ordinance appointments

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As temples around the world continue to return to full operation, leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announce another step forward in helping members participate in regular worship in temples.

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Due to the pandemic, it became necessary for patrons to exclusively schedule appointments to attend a House of the Lord. Allowing members to reserve temple appointments has provided many advantages, including reduced wait times for patrons and ensuring members can participate in the ordinances (ceremonies) as they choose. However, there are situations when members desire to attend a temple without having to set an appointment.

Soon, Latter-day Saints who would like to attend the temple to perform proxy ordinances will have the option to either reserve an appointment or attend without an appointment, where space is available. As priority will be given to patrons with appointments, those who attend the temple without a reservation may be asked to wait for an opportunity to participate. As it has always been, appointments will still be necessary for all members who come to receive their own ordinances (endowment and sealing).

Members will receive an email informing them when the option to attend the temple nearest to them without an appointment will begin.

Read the full Church Newsroom release here.

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