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Church Announces Major Changes for Youth Participating in Baptisms for the Dead


The Church announced major changes for all priests holding the Aaronic priesthood and young women with limited-use temple recommends on Thursday, according to

"We are grateful for the increase in temple history work being completed by the faithful youth of the Church," the First Presidency wrote in a letter to be read in sacrament meetings Sunday. "In unprecedented numbers, young women and young men throughout the world are researching, finding, and bringing family names to the temple to perform baptisms and confirmations. . . . We are confident that these changes will bless the lives of youth and children throughout the Church."

According to a letter from the First Presidency, all worthy priests with the Aaronic priesthood and a limited-use temple recommend may now officiate baptisms for the dead as a baptizer and a witness. Previously, priests with the Aaronic priesthood were only permitted to be baptized for the dead. The letter clarifies, "Bestowing the gift of the Holy Ghost continues to be solely a Melchizedek Priesthood function."

Young women 12–18 may also assist with baptistry assignments previously reserved for sister temple ordinance workers, according to the letter. 

In addition, the First Presidency announced that the Primary's Priesthood Preview meeting will be modified to include 11-year-old boys and girls and will now be called the Temple and Priesthood Preparation meeting. 

"This will be an opportunity for the priesthood, Primary, and youth leaders to help girls and boys, and their parents, understand the significant blessings of temple service, priesthood service, and making and keep sacred covenants," the letter says. 

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