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Church Announces Major Changes to Temple & Family History Work


One word—salvation—is the key, “the bottom line” to missionary, family history, and temple work, Elder Allan F. Packer, General Authority Seventy, said February 6, at the family history leadership session at RootsTech 2016.

“As you exercise your keys, utilizing best practices and the tools we share with you today, there will be a synergy to increase the results for your families, your wards, and stakes,” said Elder Packer, executive director of the Family History Department. . . .

Several new resources were introduced during the session:

Print family ordinance cards at home

“The printing of the family names at home becomes one of the first things you can do even before you come to the temple,” he said He then showed a video showing how to print temple ordinance cards from one’s own personal computer.

Temple family priority time

Elder Richards said each temple will now have a special “family priority time” when individual families can schedule an occasion to perform ordinances together without a long wait or delay. For recent converts, a baptism time can be scheduled for the first time they go “so the temple can be prepared to receive and welcome them and make sure their first experience is a wonderful experience.”

Limited-use temple recommend

A new limited-use recommend can be created online by priesthood leaders and printed from any computer and printer. It is activated when it is printed, and the bishop simply needs to sign it, along with the candidate, Elder Richards said.

Read about the other changes here.

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