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Church Gives Donation to Prevent Teen Suicide: "We See You, Hear You, Need You, and We Love You"


Utah's teen suicide rate has been rising in recent years. In 2016, suicide became number one cause of death for children 10 to 17 in Utah. 

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Church Provides Resources to Prevent Teen Suicide in Utah

Since that time, the Church has tried to raise awareness for suicide prevention, launching in 2016 and publishing articles and other resources for members of the Church and the community. In addition, earlier this year Elder Ronald A. Rasband joined the Utah governor’s Teen Suicide Prevention Task Force."We recognize [suicide] is an issue that we can apply more attention to and focus to and we can do it better in a coalition of many voices than we can as an individual voice," Elder Rasband said.

On Tuesday, April 24, Governor Gary Herbert signed several bills into law which grew out of recommendations from the governor’s Teen Suicide Prevention Task Force that seek to provide help and community resources to combat suicide. 

During the signing, Elder Rasband presented a $150,000 check on behalf of the Church to the governor’s suicide prevention fund.

Elder Rasband said, “For those who feel there is no hope, please know that you are loved and valued. We see you and we hear you. We need you and we love you. Talk to someone now. We are here to listen and to help.”

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