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Church Launches New Web Page Aimed at Preventing Suicide


Just in time for National Suicide Prevention Month, the Church has created a new web page aimed at supporting those who struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide as well as their family members.

The LDS Church launched a new "Preventing Suicide" web page on Thursday to provide resources for those who struggle with thoughts of suicide and give assistance to their friends and families.

" provides help and support for those who struggle with thoughts of suicide, know someone who does or have lost a loved one to suicide," said Eric Hawkins, a spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. "The site also includes help and crisis line information. Every soul is precious to God and to the church and the loss of life to suicide is heartbreaking."

The launch of the web page on the faith's official website,, also signaled that senior LDS Church leaders wanted to increase education about the issue and increase healthy dialogue.

"We invite youth, young adults, parents, friends and church leaders to join with others in our communities and take action to become informed on this subject," Hawkins said.

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