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Church Makes 4 Major Changes to Gospel Library App


For many Latter-day Saints, the Gospel Library app has become an indispensable way to access LDS scriptures, videos, and inspiring content on the go, at church, or at home. With so much gospel content right at your fingertips, what better way to enhance your study of the scriptures than to download an app that lets you annotate, make notes, and access LDS content any moment you might have some downtime.

Well, if you thought the current Gospel Library app was neat, you might want to check out these four big changes the Church made to the app with its new Gospel Library 4.0, which you can access on the Apple app store or Google Play:

1. Easier to use study tools

Here are just a few ways the new Gospel Library appmakes it easier for you to look up and remember important insights you have during your scripture study:

  • You can now bold, italicize, and create lists in your Gospel Library app notes.
  • You can share your notes with others.
  • You can now read footnotes in a sidebar.
  • You can now create links between sources that link both directions.
  • You can now see content you highlight within your notebooks, move notes into other notebooks, and more easily save passages into custom notebooks.

2. New video tutorials

Under "tips," new short videos about app updates will highlight ongoing improvements, so you'll never have to be lost.

3. All content is annotatable

“The Gospel Library team has been working hard this year to make all the content annotatable and make the study tools more intuitive,” said Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the Seventy on “These enhancements provide members the opportunity of a more enriching study experience and better options to record personal revelation.”

That's right, now you can annotate, highlight, and add notes, links, or tags to everything—even songs and videos.

4. Android or iOS, it doesn't matter

No matter what device you use or whether you are an Android or an iOS user, your experience on thenew Gospel Library app will be the same. 

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