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Church Releases FAQs About Global Youth Conference Program


Since the Church announced its plans to create a global youth conference program For the Strength of Youth on July 19, 2019, many have had questions about its implementation, including locations for the youth conferences, costs, registration, and other questions. 

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A recent article by the Church's newsroom links off to extensive answers to some of these frequently asked questions, specifically for members in the US and Canada.

Here are a few of the answers given in a notice sent by the Church. 

1. What is FSY?

For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences are modeled after Brigham Young University’s Especially for Youth (EFY) conferences. These five-day events have been held extensively outside the United States and Canada for a number of years. Youth may attend beginning in the year they turn 14 and until their high school graduation. Each stake will be invited every other year. FSY conferences include activities, devotionals, and classes designed to help strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and provide opportunities for youth to grow spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually. Beginning in 2020 in the United States and Canada, FSY conferences will be provided by the Church and held locally with the support of BYU. Areas outside of the U.S. and Canada will continue holding FSY conferences under the direction of the Area Presidency. A list of stakes in the United States and Canada scheduled to attend FSY in 2020 is available at Information on scheduling for 2020, 2021, and 2022 and tentative dates and locations for 2020 is enclosed. 

2. Are stakes scheduled for FSY responsible to plan the conference?

Ward and stake leaders are not responsible to plan the conference, to secure FSY locations, or to provide speakers. If assistance is needed, area leaders may call upon local leaders. Ward and stake leaders are responsible for helping youth register and for arranging transportation to the FSY conference as described in question 9, below. 

3. Is it necessary for stakes to provide adult leaders to attend FSY conferences?

Young single adults will fill logistical and leadership roles at FSY conferences. A limited number of adults will attend FSY as session directors and teachers. The majority of the adults serving in these positions will be full-time seminary and institute employees. Area leaders will reach out to local leaders if their assistance becomes necessary. All local leaders are encouraged to prepare youth for FSY and to talk to them about their experiences when they return home. 

4. Who will serve as FSY counselors?

Young single adults ages 19–30 may volunteer to serve as counselors at one or more conferences. To understand the role of local leaders in identifying young adult counselors, see the enclosed document “Recommending Young Single Adult Counselors for FSY.” 

5. Does FSY replace youth conference, Young Women camp, and Young Men camp?

In the year that youth attend FSY, their stakes should not hold other large events, such as a youth conference or trek. Stake or ward Young Men and Young Women camps and other regular activities may continue as normal. Camps should be scheduled at times that do not conflict with scheduled FSY conferences. 

Read the rest of these answers to frequently asked questions about the new youth conference program at

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