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Church Releases Harrowing Video: From the Nightmare of His Sister's Murder, Drug Addiction to Lasting Hope


In honor of National Addiction Recovery Month, the Mormon Channel is releasing a series of powerful and raw videos, which focus on the struggles and triumphs of those overcoming various addictions. Watch the first five videos here.

The 12-part seriesfocuses on the personal experience of 12 former addicts who share startlingly honest and real experiences of their fights to overcome drug, alcohol, food, sex, and pornography addictions.

Each video in the series, titled "12 Steps to Change," aligns with one of the 12 steps in the Church's addiction recovery program

This video is the sixth in the series, which focuses on the story of Aram, who turned to drug use to dull the pain and dim the horrific images left from his sister’s murder. After losing both his parents, Aram finds himself broken, so incapacitated with heartache that there seems no way to continue—until he finds the one source that can take away his burdens and fill his soul with peace.

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Step 6: Change of Heart - Aram’s Story about Drug Addiction Recovery

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