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Church Releases Honest, Exquisitely Illustrated Video About Grief, Faith, and Loss: “There Is Hope”


Grief and heartbreak are a part of life. We have all experienced loss in one way or another, but that doesn’t soften the blow when we lose a loved one or experience tragedy. recently released a short video explaining how everyone processes grief differently and in their own time. Narrated by psychotherapist Denis Ashton and grief counselor Joyce Ashton, this video illustrates a person walking through the grief process and learning to cope with losing a loved one who will never experience a wedding, graduation, or upcoming birthdays. 

The beautiful illustration shows the deep parts of grief we often hide from others, but the message is full of hope that things can and will get better. The narrators note that grief is normal and even healthy, but people often think that grief can’t coexist with faith. Joyce Ashton clarifies, “We can have faith and still feel sad.” 

The grieving process looks different for everyone, and finding a “new normal” takes time and effort. Joyce says, “The new normal is different than the past, but they can still find peace, happiness, and hope.” 

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