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Church Releases Moving Video: Former Addict Reunited with Family, Meets Grandchildren for the First Time


In honor of National Addiction Recovery Month, the Mormon Channel is releasing a series of powerful and raw videos, which focus on the struggles and triumphs of those overcoming various addictions. Watch the first eight videos here.

The 12-part seriesfocuses on the personal experience of 12 former addicts who share startlingly honest and real experiences of their fights to overcome drug, alcohol, food, sex, and pornography addictions.

Each video in the series, titled "12 Steps to Change," aligns with one of the 12 steps in the Church's addiction recovery program

This video is the ninth in the series, which focuses on the story of John, a church leader who became addicted to pain killers and began leading a double life. After two years, John lost everything--his job, his house, his family, even his freedom. But from this point, John was able to begin building his life again and help restore some of the family relationships he lost along the way.

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Step 9: Restitution and Reconciliation - John’s Story on Drug Addiction Recovery

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