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Church updates music website in preparation for new hymns

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The Church of Jesus Christ’s music website at has been revamped to elevate the music searching, listening, and study experiences for Latter-day Saints. Following a major update to the Sacred Music app in July 2023, this site redesign includes many of the same features introduced in the app last year.

New features in the Sacred Music app and music website allow you to view and print sheet music and to change key and tempo. Sort, search, and filter options have also been improved to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


New Features

Some of the new features include:

  • Matching layout of music collections on the app and website
  • Search and filtering functions
  • Improved music listening interface

The update continues the hymnbook and “Children’s Songbook” revision announced by the Church in June 2018 to unify members around the world and “meet the needs of a global church.” These music channel improvements help prepare for the gradual release of newly selected music, which is expected to begin in four languages as early as May 2024.

You can read this full story and find more information about Church music resources on Church Newsroom.

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