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Church Updates Policies on Families in Same-Sex Marriages


MR says: The Church recently updated its handbook for stake presidents, bishops, and other local leaders, adding new guidelines for situations regarding same-sex marriage.

Participating in a same-sex marriage is now considered as fitting under the definition of apostasy. In addition, the handbook states "A natural or adopted child of a parent living in a same-gender relationship, whether the couple is married or cohabiting, may not receive a name and a blessing." Read more about these policies below.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made changes to its handbook for stake presidents, bishops and other local leaders that reaffirms its doctrine of marriage and offers clarification on issues that may arise from same-sex marriage.

"Church handbooks are policy and procedural guides for lay leaders who must administer the church in many varied circumstances throughout the world," LDS Church spokesman Eric Hawkins said. "The Church has long been on record as opposing same-sex marriages. While it respects the law of the land, and acknowledges the right of others to think and act differently, it does not perform or accept same-sex marriage within its membership.”

Lead image from Deseret News.

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