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City leaders praise a new development the Church has built near Mesa Temple


The Church has put the finishing touches on a new mixed-use community near the Mesa Arizona Temple, an investment seeking to protect and enhance the area around the temple grounds. In addition, Newsroom reports that the project, called The Grove, is meant to revitalize the community and local economy in downtown Mesa.

The new mixed-use revitalization project includes over 250 housing units with ground-floor retail space, underground parking, and 70,000 square feet of beautiful landscaping. In addition to the development, the Church has helped enhance the local infrastructure by adding drainage systems, fixing electrical and mechanical issues, repairing streets, and planting trees.


Local leaders in Arizona spoke to Newsroom about the project and its anticipated effect on their community.

“It’s a big, big deal for the community and the region,” said Mike Hutchinson, executive vice president of Phoenix East Valley Partnership. He’s hopeful that the project will spur additional improvements in the area. “I’ve talked to a number of developers who looked at this project as this great start [toward] revitalization.”

“This is a beautiful project,” said Jeff McVay, Mesa’s manager of downtown transformation. “We now have a bar that’s been set that we point everybody else to and … say, ‘You need to go look at what The Grove has done, look at the quality of the development there.’”

“There was a time where the heartbeat was difficult to find in downtown Mesa,” recalls Mesa Mayor John Giles. He went on to characterize the Church’s investment as “huge,” adding that the “decision to invest in our downtown sent a great signal.”

See more photos and read more about the project in the Newsroom article.

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