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Claire Crosby’s new Easter video is delightfully uplifting, spiritually moving

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The Crosby family, prominent Latter-day Saint YouTubers, has released their annual Easter video. This year’s video features the song “Goodness of God” by American gospel singer CeCe Winans. The music is both soothing and powerful, and the entire family was involved in creating it.

When posting the video online, the family said: “Happy Easter from the Crosby family! We hope you have a beautiful weekend celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the goodness of God!” And “Claire really sang her heart out. So proud of these babes and so grateful for our Savior.”

Viewers are loving the spirit of the video. Comments on YouTube include, “I hope you all realize just how much your hard work and passion for music touches so many. I felt that song! Thank you for sharing. Happy Easter!” and “That was absolutely beautiful and made me remember the meaning of Easter.”

Another commenter said, “Oh, how I love this song. I just lost my sister in July and she was singing this just before she passed. Thank you, Crosby family, you did a wonderful job with this song.” To which the Crosbys responded, “Prayers to you and your family! So sorry to hear about your loss.”

Watch the full video below.

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