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“Come, Follow Me” December 16–22: “Good Tidings of Great Joy”


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Scripture Insight

This scriptural insight comes from Verse by Verse: Volume 1by Andrew C. Skinner and D. Kelly Ogden.

Elder Bruce R. McConkie said:

“The One [the Father] whose might and omnipotence we can scarcely glimpse and cannot begin to comprehend, this Holy Being to whom we, by comparison, are as the dust of the earth, this Almighty Personage, in his love, mercy, and grace, condescended to step down from his Almighty throne, to step down to a lesser and benighted state, as it were, and become the Father of a Son ‘after the manner of the flesh.’ . . .  [And] the Creator [the Son] of all things from the beginning [did also] step down from his high state of exaltation and be, for a moment, like one of the creatures of his creating” (The Promised Messiah, 467).

Study Ideas

These ideas and topics are compiled from Come, Follow Me and have been adapted for specific situations. Check out the manuals online for more ideas, or come up with your own as you study!

For couples: 

As you prepare for all of the events that come with Christmas, whether together as a couple or with relatives, consider changing up your study by watching “The Nativity” together and sharing with each other your favorite scripture about Christ. If you have children or grandchildren, consider writing down your testimonies of the Savior and distributing them to your family through a text, email, video chat, or phone call this week.

For singles: 

Whether you will be spending Christmas with loved ones or with yourself, perhaps you can take some time to review scriptures, music, and videos about the Savior’s life. As you do so, consider writing down or drawing your feelings and sharing them with family and friends or on social media.

For families with young children:

To help your family review what you have learned this year and prepare them for Christmas and remembering the birth of the Savior, consider making a mini art gallery of Jesus Christ in your home. You could use pictures you already own, print some off of the Church’s website, or even cut some out of Come, Follow Me. As your family looks through the art gallery, you can encourage or help your children write down their feelings about the Savior, or write down which picture was their favorite and why. Then you can keep the family’s testimonies in a safe place to read the following year, or you can have them put their testimony papers in their journals.

For families with teens: 

As you prepare to study and remember the birth of the Savior with your family this week, perhaps you can set out a jar and some paper where family members can record things they have learned about Jesus Christ as you have studied Come, Follow Me this year. Then you can read them on Christmas Eve and maybe even place them on your tree or in a special memory book.

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