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"Come, Follow Me" February 18–24: “Blessed Are Ye”


This week’s readings: Matthew 5; Luke 6

Don’t forget to record your impressions and read the ideas outlined in the new Come, Follow Me manuals on lds.org.

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Scripture Insight

This week’s scriptural insight comes from Verse by Verse: Volume 1 by Andrew C. Skinner and D. Kelly Ogden.

The Sermon on the Mount was given to those who had already learned the basic principles of the gospel and made covenants; it was given not to the multitudes in general but to believers, particularly those with leadership responsibilities. The great sermon was given as a quiet, private talk, in what we might call a missionary preparation meeting. (Luke’s account of the sermon on the plain apparently includes a wider compass of listeners; there Jesus found himself in the midst of a “company of his disciples, and a great multitude of people out of all Judea and Jerusalem, and from the sea coast of Tyre and Sidon”; Luke 6:17.)

Study Ideas

These ideas and topics are compiled from Come, Follow Me and have been adapted for specific situations. Check out the manuals online for more ideas, or come up with your own as you study!

For couples: 

As you study together this week, consider focusing on the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:3–16. Perhaps you could list them out and talk about which principles you see in each other or pick one that you would each like to improve this week (being a peacemaker, for example) and talk about ways to support each other in that goal.

For singles: 

This week’s study includes Christ’s discussion about being “the light of the world” and how we can use our individual talents to bless the lives of others. As you ponder what this phrase means, you can also think about one or two ways you might be putting your own light “under a bushel” and how you can put it “on a candlestick” instead. You may want to write it down in a place where you can see it throughout the week to remind yourself of your goal.

For families with young children: 

To help your children understand the analogy of being a light of the world, you could have two family members face each other and have one to try to make the other smile without touching them. Afterward, you could talk to your children about the power they have to bring happiness to others and invite them to share their light with someone this week.  

For families with teens: 

As you are reading Matthew 5:21–48 and Luke 6:27–35 as a family this week, consider pointing out the behaviors required by the law of Moses and how the Savior changed those laws. Consider having family members brainstorms ways the family or they themselves keep the law of Moses and how those behaviors could be changed to match the law Christ set forth. For example: “I keep all my promises, but I could try to become better by keeping all my commitments even if I never promised to” or “Our family is good at attending church each Sunday, but we could use our time better after we get home.”

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